Co-create the future
with a team of global talent.

Co-creation is a powerful force. Every day, the talented people at GE work hard to develop new solutions that drive technology forward. What if you could give us a hand, no matter where you live?

Big ideas with a small footprint.

Our big secret is actually small: the micro-factory. These brilliant and flexible mixed-use making spaces are designed to inspire collaboration plus facilitate small-batch manufacturing of products coming from the Fuse community.

Top Questions

What is Fuse?

We are an open community of makers, thinkers, tinkerers and problem solvers.  Together we tackle the challenges that will change the world – one idea, one project, one solution at a time.

Why is GE powering Fuse?

Fuse is all about open innovation.  As a Digital Industrial, GE has extraordinarily talented software and hardware engineers and domain expertise. And we know there are experts like you out there who are innovators, dreamers, and big thinkers. Together, we can develop out-of-the box answers, with extraordinary speed, to solve some of the toughest industrial challenges. Let's do this.

Is Fuse the right place for me?

Fuse is a collaborative community of makers, solvers, thinkers, and dreamers.  Join the Fuse community to compete in challenges, learn new skills, win cash prizes and test yourself against the world's best.

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